Spiritual Gifts Session Three

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
How to Determine your Spiritual Gift(s! This procedure is much more accurate and honest than just using an "inventory." We have a tendency to read into these "tests" our desires, not those of the Lord's leading.

How to Determine your Spiritual Gift(s)

Read: Romans. 5:15; 6:23; 12:6-8; 1 Corinthians 7:7; 10:31; 12:4-7; 14-31 ; 13: 8-13; 14: 1-40; 28-30; Ephesians 4:7-12; and 1 Peter 4:10.

This procedure is much more accurate and honest than just using an "inventory." We have a tendency to read into these "tests" our desires, not those of the Lord's leading. Or, we use them, and are confused because we may not know what the Gifts mean. Use an inventory like the one attached as another source of information, but not your only source! Remember, the Gift He gives you is far more important and powerful than the Gift you may want! If you changed everyone in the Army who is a Private to a General, the best Generals ever, the war would be lost quickly. Because, it is the Privates who do the work, who put the vision and call of the leaders into practice. As Christians, all of us cannot, nor should not, be leaders unless we are called and gifted to be. We all need to do the work He gives, all working together. Remember, Gifts are never a platform for power or control; they are to be in conjunction and in harmony with others. All are important, all are needed; you are important and you are needed!


MY SPIRITUAL GIFTS___________________________________

(In this place, write both your opinion, and the opinion of others, of what they are, or what you think they may be. Do not worry about being accurate right now.)

1. Carefully Read the above Scriptures and study the Biblical teachings on Gifts, then put the emphasis on what the Bible really says:

  • What does it say?

  • What does it mean?

  • What blocks this teaching from happening in me?

  • How can I be a changed person because of this?

  • How can I apply this teaching?

Do not interpret in light of your experiences or presumptions!

2. Go over the Gift Descriptions at the end of this section and see which one(s) interest and excite you.

3. Do the following PRAYERFULLY and PRIVATELY.

∑List those you are pretty sure you have. (Remember, reality--not just desires.)

∑List those you think you might have.

∑Examine Your DESIRES. (Be careful! You must examine your motives as well)

∑Examine the EVIDENCE (what you have done or can do, what has been confirmed by others)

∑Examine the OPPORTUNITIES (what are the needs?)

Share this list with someone who knows you, such as a pastor, friend, mentor, or parent who knows the "real you," for confirmation, prayer, and encouragement.

∑List where and how you can exercise your gift(s).

Answer these Questions

1.What needs exist in your life, community, or world that requires attention, i.e., in your family, local church, city, etc.)?

∑God will give someone, perhaps you, the Spiritual Gifts necessary to help meet those needs. Ask God what part you should take in helping to minister and serve.

∑Be on the lookout for needs that God can meet through you!

2.What do you think the Holy Spirit is telling you to do?

∑The Holy Spirit has given each Christian at least one Spiritual Gift.

∑The Holy Spirit wants you to exercise that Spiritual Gift.

∑ The Holy Spirit wants you to be discipled in your Gift(s)!

∑ You are to be open and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life.

∑After you determine your Gift(s) and the Spirit's direction in the use of the Gift(s), you must obey Him!

3.Ask yourself honestly, would you naturally choose what the Holy Spirit is telling you to do or, rather, your desires? Usually, your desires are a good starting indication of your Gift, as long as you are honest and grounded in the Word. The problem is that we confuse our desires with our wishes. We need to place the focus on what is real in our life as in our real gifts and abilities by the honest confirmation we receive from godly people and by listening of the Spirit.

∑Usually, the Holy Spirit will not cause you to do that to which you have no inclination, liking, or sensitivity. In other words, He will not call you to Outer Mongolia to be a missionary unless you have the desire and ability to go!

4.To begin with, what are some natural talents, interests, abilities, inclinations, etc., that you already have that God could use?

∑Usually the Lord starts with us where we are, not with trying to revamp our whole personality and gifts. He starts with natural talents and interests, and then adds supernatural abilities as we grow in maturity, and as He wills/leads us for His purpose.

∑Do the Gift(s) that you are using fill you with wonder and excitement, or do you feel a stale obligation?

∑ If you are stuck, read through the description and Scriptures of the Gifts below and then try to experiment with as many Gifts as you can (such as teaching, helpingÖ), considering how comfortable you feel with one or more!

∑Examine your feelings; what do you want to do more than anything else? However, do not rely on just your feelings!

∑ Is the Gift you have precisely the Gift you want? Make sure it is God's call, not just your own desires.

5.What do you already do well?

∑ What we do well already is probably an indication of some sort of gift from God. The Spirit may grant us additional Gift(s), but that is His decision, not ours.

6.What Gifts do others in the Body of Christ, the Church, see in you?

∑The Holy Spirit does not work with us in isolation from the other members of the Body of Christ. The others are given insight into our giftedness, and we into theirs, as means of checks and balances. We help one another to be honest to God! So, make sure you ask others!

∑After discovering your Gifts, evaluate your effectiveness with them, as a check and balance to make sure you are exercising the right one(s). But, do not give up, like with sports or music; exercising your Gifts takes time and practice!

7.Based on the above, what Gifts do I seem to have?

8.If you are having trouble with this exercise, reread the Descriptions and take the inventory attached. In this way you will start to get a clearer picture. Make sure you are in prayer! Then redo steps one and two. You may also try to practice with the Gifts that most interest you and see which ones seem to fit and which ones others confirm.

9.Am I willing to check this out with the Lord through heartfelt, surrendered prayer (Galatians 2:20)?

10. Am I willing to check this out with others who know me, e.g., my spouse, parents, children, pastors, elders, etc.?

11. How can I begin to use these Spiritual Gift(s)?

12. How can you start now to be discipled in these Gifts, to get to know them and use them to glorify our Lord?

13. How can you best use the Gifts God gave you in a team effort with others?

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