Discipleship Curriculum

God desires that we have confidence in Him. This is built when our discipleship is taking root in us. So we are growing in a close relationship to Christ, infused with the Holy Spirit, not merely seeking what we can get.
God calls us to make wise choices, so what will you do about it? Here are some thoughts...
The Principle Point of making good choices is simple. Keep your eyes on Him!

Have you ever thought that Satan does not want you to make good decisions?
Let Jesus be your supreme example in all that you do.
Obedience is the fuel that puts God's will into action!

We need to seek God's reliable counsel, not unreliable hunches or our will or what Satan wants.
This is originally designed for HS Youth on learning to know and follow God's Will. But many adult small groups use this to learn how we can make better decisions and beware of deceptions and misleading choices. God calls us to make wise choices, so what will you do about it? Including a handout to give out…
Jesus is to be our center, the reason for our being! And if we keep placing Him first, then we become God's will! Have you considered that pride is in the same category as the 'big' sins of homosexuality, adultery and the like? Perhaps you are shocked? Maybe you never thought through how pride impacts others, or it's impact on our sanctification, or how God feels about it? Well check our Romans 1: 26-32!
I love to talk to missionaries and hear their stories. It gives me a sense of perspective of how God works. I have heard some of the most heart wrenching stories and such great efforts to overcome great difficulties. Stories of a spouse being killed and the other taking over, such as with Elizabeth Elliott and her incredible story of how her husband was speared by South American Indians.
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