Discipleship Curriculum

Getting Started in your Devotional Venture. The Challenge is simple, the idea is pure and practical, and it only requires your obedience and persistence. God desires our intimacy, our relationship, and our communion with His holiness.
Knowing our Lord and His precepts is also a process that we do not attain overnight. Just like learning or studying any subject, it takes time. If you try getting a good grade in class without studying the subject, without...
Have you ever felt that being a Christian is sometimes like exercising or preparing for an athletic event? Devotions help us focus on Christ-who He is and what He did for us. Having a regular time to get in the Word will help us build perseverance.
Are you giving what's right, or what's left?
Is Stewardship Important?
Looking to God and not to Self
What does stewardship mean to you?
More Good News on Spiritual Warfare
Christians can stand against Satan by being in Christ.
How did Jesus respond to Satan and Spiritual Warfare?
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