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Learning about Satan's Opposition

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
Have you ever thought that Satan does not want you to make good decisions?

Open Question: Have you ever thought that Satan does not want you to make good decisions?

Beware of opposition from Satan; he does not like us to be obedient! Any good decision may be met with resistance; sometimes little, sometimes big. We must be discerning to what is a closed door and what are misleading thoughts and actions by the evil one.

Who is Satan? Satan is real and personal and dedicated to evil. He wants you to fail by making decisions that cause you to fail and be miserable! The first thing that comes to people's minds today when they hear the word "satan" is a reddish man in a red suit with long horns, goat legs, a pointed tail, and a big pitch­fork. For others who don't actually believe in his existence, "satan" is simply a way to refer to the presence of evil in the world. Yet, the Bible reveals that Satan is real, personal, and a being who is a powerful destroyer and an active agent in our world (Luke 4:1-13). Satan is the leader of the fallen angels (demons). His main name means our "chief adversary" (1 Chronicles 21:1; Job 12f; Zechariah 3:1-2). Satan is so powerful that even Michael, the archangel, did not oppose him directly; Michael attacked him in the name of the Lord (Jude 8-9)! Satan can whip us good like a bully on the playground; we are no match for him. However our dad (Christ) can beat him up! Satan was defeated; thus, he is jealous of God and is opposed to all that represents the character of the true Creator.

Satan is the father of lies and the greatest liar of all! He is called the deceiver and the manipulator. To accomplish his purposes, Satan blinds people to their need to be in Christ, and causes Christians to fight amongst themselves so the Word does not get out, or gets out wrong!

Two forces are at work in the world: the forces of Christ and the forces of evil. These are not like the forces of "Star Wars," or of equal balance, such as the Chinese philosophy of "Ying and Yang". God is Sovereign; Satan is a condemned, created entity! Satan cannot exert his power beyond what God allows him to for His purpose! Remember, Satan may be the "god" of this age and ruler of the earth, but God is God and is still King and in charge! You are asked to choose between them. This choice should not be difficult. You either side with defeat and destruction or with the One who created and loves us and who is the victor!

Remember, God does not care so much where we live or how we earn our keep, but His concerns are about our character and who we are. Do not get this turned around in your way of thinking.

God is a God of truth and purity. Satan is the opposite! Satan is not a god, nor is he pure or concerned with truth!

Discussion Ideas

Read: Ephesians 4:19-24; 1 Peter 4:15. The best way to honor the Holy Spirit is to allow Him to guide you


1 Do you use any occult practices?

2 How can you apply sound judgments?

3 How do you double-check your decisions?

4 Do the principles of common sense rule your way?

5 God is glorified when we obey Him!

6 God is ready to teach; are you ready to learn?

Do not allow yourself to be taken in by the distortions of Satan or bad advice. Do not just look to being flashy or have delusions of grandeur, but allow the subtle leading of our Lord. Let Him place you where you are best suited.

It's not about you; it's about God. It's not what we do that makes us a Christian; it's what Jesus has done for us!!!

1 Do not allow Satan or anything to twist your way from God's!

2 Be a person who thinks things through.

Search me oh God and know my heart! Try me and know my anxious thoughts! And see if there be any wicked way about me, and lead me in Your path forever! Psalm 139:23-24.

Extra: Joel 2:25-26; Do not be afraid to fail. God will restore you. That is what grace is all about. All He wants is our obedience, not our occupation or personal plan!

Phil 2:5-8 states that Jesus came as God's servant, to accomplish His will to redeem us from our fallen selves!

1 To be a servant, we are to be as moldable as clay in His hands!


2 We can do nothing apart from God!


3 With Christ working in us, we can do anything!

Deeper thought: You may resist temptation for a while, and think you are winning. What you do not realize is that you are playing right into Satan's hands. Remember, in the end, the winner takes all. Satan is real; demons are real. Read through the descriptions and roles of Satan in the Word of God and come to grips with reality. Spiritual Warfare! There is only One who has successfully defeated Satan, and that is Christ. Without Christ you are no match for the enemy of your soul. Without Christ you will not win the game of life!

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