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Being Devoted to Christ

Creating a life style of growing closer after the Heart of Christ and using resources…
How to have a Quiet Time

When we are growing, we become contagious with the faith. We then are able to witness because we have something to say and something to model that people want. When we are growing, we will become the church that Christ designed, mobilized in Him to be welcoming and connective to others for Him. This is the church triumphant! Let us, as the church triumphant, pay heed to His call and follow it. Apply your faith. Then, watch your faith grow and become contagious to others!

Want more?

You can glean through our topics or curriculum sections and pick and choose what you need…

You can go through any of our topics  such as Faith, Character, Workplace and God’s Will, that were not used for the curriculums because they are designed to be used on their own or along side. You can also go through our Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Warfare, The Disciplines and Worship as well as revisit previous studies. As you grow you will desire more. We are also always researching and developing more. And do not forget we have over 600 in-depth inductive and exegetical devotional Bible Studies on our sister website, www.intothyword.org.

The key is to keep up your daily devotions and Bible reading…

We have over ten years worth of devotional and discipleship material, far more than you will use or need, so in prayer and guidance from a pastor or mentor pick through what you need.

More Studies are on the way….

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