Christianity is Community! It is to be a personal team endeavor; it is never just a solo sport or individual activity or merely about solitary or personal agendas.

TEN WAYS TO IMPROVE Relational Skills

Faithful to my Lord’s commands, I still would chose the better part; Serve with careful Martha’s hands And loving Mary’s heart.

Communication Tips!

Is Good Communication working in you? What Can I Do To Be A Better Communicator?

Preventing Strife

Paul wholeheartedly and passionately warns that divisions will destroy the church!

The Chosen Stone! PI

Peter takes the argument of what our Lord has done for us to show how we are to be as a corporate collaboration of people in Him.

The Chosen Stone! PII

Our identification as a “corporate” church is not a building; rather, it is a relationship of community, where we are His priests!
We are Freed from Sin

Romans 6:15-23

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