Discipleship 501

Being Devoted to Christ in our Spiritual Formation

This section covers Christian Living, Love and Relationships, Forgiveness, Prayer, Bible Reading…
Leaning about Discipleship

How our Prayers get Through

Remember, as a Christian you are a child of God; your prayers are always heard! There is no prayer that is too small, too big, or too hard. But also remember, when we are not living our lives for Him, our prayers will be hindered. What about putting more bounce in our prayer step?


Oswald Chambers wrote, “You cannot help suffering; it is a true and needful training for the soul that dares to be true to God.” (My Utmost for His Highest)

Looking beyond Ourselves

Our desires must be focused on Him: Christ our Lord. We must feel the anticipation and the excitement to be with and in Him, so that we not only hear His Word; but we do His Word, the Word of God.

What God desires us to be and to do

Understanding Love and Relationships

A 19+ week Bible Study for discovering, and applying Biblical precepts to the building of lasting, quality relationships through understanding His Love and Call

How to Look for Love and Relationships!

Session I of Love and Relationships!

Preparing for Relationships with the Right Mindset

Session II of Love and Relationships!

Applying the Mind-Set of Fullness

Session III of Love and Relationships!

Reconnection and Confession

Session IV of Love and Relationships!

Relationships and Love for Singles!

Session V of Love and Relationships!

Be willing to Learn about yourself

Session VI of Love and Relationships!

Putting it all Together

Session VII of Love and Relationships!

The Quest for Authentic LOVE

Session VIII of Love and Relationships!

How is Love Spelled Out in the Bible?

Session IX of Love and Relationships!

How is Love Spelled Out in the Bible? Part II

Session X of Love and Relationships!

The path and way for our Christian life and walk

Session XI of Love and Relationships!

The effects and results of love

Session XII of Love and Relationships!

The Character of Love

Session XIII of Love and Relationships!

Love The Spiritual Fruit

Session XIV of Love and Relationships!

The Myths of Love

Session XV of Love and Relationships!

Love Conquers All?

Session XVI of Love and Relationships!

More Myths of Love

Session XVII of Love and Relationships!

False Ideas of Love

Session XVIII of Love and Relationships!

False Ideas of Love

Session XVIII of Love and Relationships!

What do I do with Love?

Session XIX of Love and Relationships!

Practical Love

This is God's plan because God loves us. So we must follow through with the principles of Scripture being lived out in our lives. Out of love, out of nurture, out of care, and not out of rules regulations and hatred.

Forgiveness Part VII

Forgiveness Pursues

Forgiveness Part VIII

Forgiveness Is Continual

Forgiveness Part IX

How do I know I have forgiven someone properly?

How to Grow in the Faith

How Important is Reverence?

VERY! Reverence is an aspect of adoration, it is the true response that leads to worship to all that come before God. It is recognizing and honoring the authority of God with awe and fear because He is God...

Heartfelt Devotion

Real heartfelt Devotion is being devoted to Christ because He is our all in all. It is aligning our personal desires, our plans, our worship, and our hope with God and His principles. It is an attitude more than an act, a pursuit to be offered to God to give Him glory through our...

Being Molded for Prayer

What is prayer? Prayer is an intimate communication between God and man. It is the wonderful privilege of talking directly to God at any time about anything. We have this opportunity because of what Christ did. The Christian life is about the ongoing, personal relationship you have with God through Jesus...

The Battle over Prayer

Prayer is not just about what our own needs are. It is about putting our lives and experiences in Him, sharing our days and lives, both in times of urgency and times of happiness, and bringing others to our thoughts and into our prayers. Continual and effective prayer will build our relationship with God. We will realize that...

Prayer is a Relationship

Perhaps, one way to see our prayer life is as a relationship. A relationship is a living, growing entity that needs the fuel of attention and heart. We need to allow prayer to build slowly—like a relationship. Growing our prayer life is like growing a relationship. We start off as acquaintances; then, as we get to know each other, we become more...

Prayer is a Recognition of God

When we grow more in our prayer life, we will see more of God in our lives, more realization of Him and His power. Thus, everything we do will be affected in a positive way as a response of His work in us and our personal adjustments in becoming less of ourselves and more of Him...

Learning to Study the Word of God

Bible Reading Record

Here you can record your Bible reading progress!

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