Discipleship Essentials

Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ!
Being a disciple encompasses more than just asking Christ in, and goes far beyond baptism. Our conversion, our acceptance of Christ as Savior, our election, is the beginning, the entrance, into the faith and Christian life. It is not the only act of being a Christian! It would be like joining a club, but never venturing into the club. Baptism is initiation and public dedication. It is to be the door through which we go in our walk of faith, as is also our profession and testimony of our faith publicly. It does not stop there! It starts there!
Understanding Discipleship
Faith…Hope…Love, are central and crucial gifts of God, such aspects of the resulting new life we have in Christ. These gifts turn into virtues by our application of them. If these are not being produced, then there is a real critical problem. These three essentials help us bringing forth fruit; the central feature of our faith development is whether the work of the Spirit and God’s love is being exhibited in us.
My proposal is basic on how to grow closer to Christ and deeper in our walk with Him, and in drawing near to the heart of God! This is for a new Christian, with no idea of what to do, to the experienced pastor who has walked with God intimately for decades. It is for me, and it is for you, regardless of personal experience, spiritual growth experience, developmental level, disabilities, or age.
There is a Christianity abroad, supposedly evangelical and fundamental, dedicated to making itself easy enough and popular enough for even half-hearted and jaded modern church-goers.
The Fundamentals of Discipleship

What does Jesus do for Me?

We have to see the magnificent aspect of what Christ has done for us. We need to see the joy and the hope we are given. This is foundational to life and liberty.

Why we Need to be Saved

The key we need to understand is this, sin entered in the world by one man that affected all people by Adam; but the grace of God, which justified us, comes in the world by one man/God. All of humanity deserved it, Christ did not; thus, yes it is unfair- to God, but not to us!

The Gospel in a Nutshell

God does not reject us; rather, it is us who reject Him, He goes out of His way to give us the grace we do not deserve. He gives us His Way, even though we continue to fight against Him by hardening our hearts and rejecting His Truth and precepts.

What does the Law have to do with Me?

Most Christians ignorantly will state that the law has nothing to do with then since they are under grace. But, according to the Bible, this is not the case!

Getting Right with God!

Leaning to Submit to God

God is calling us to be proactive with our faith so we can grow and be mature. This requires us to be faithful which requires us to submit and to be humble. The result is respect, cooperation, unity, community, and the power of His Fruit at work.

Leaning to Resist the Devil

The devil wants to get a hold on us so he can attack to discourage and sway us away from God and His ways. Our defense is simple; we are to stand firm in Christ, pray, and allow His work in us and not ours; what we would bring to the table is just fuel for the devil and his ways!

How to Repent! Part 1

Do you struggle with which direction in life to go? It is James’ intent in this passage to show us the direction by imperatively grabbing us with ten commands that are essential to honoring God and relating to people.

How to Repent! Part 2

God wants us to make the fervent attempt to repent, get right with Him, and not lead a double life in trying to serve two contradictory paths in life.

Confession Part 1

What is Confession? It is the event of responding to the Gospel's message, then acknowledging our faith publicly. In so doing we are conforming our lives to His Way so our faith applies to our lives.

Confession Part 2

Is Christ Working in You? Confession is the obedience to commit ourselves to leading a life that is worthy to be called Christian, as our new life is in Christ.

What the Christian Life is all About!

The Christian Manifesto Part 1

The thesis statement or main theme of Romans, if not the entirety of our Christian faith!

The Christian Manifesto Part 2

The Gospel is the lightning rod that conducts God's creative and loving power, because it reveals the justice of God in the justification of the ungodly!

Justification by Faith Alone

This was the rallying cry of the Reformation. The main point that caused Luther and Calvin to challenge the Catholic Church and it’s teachings.

What is the Gospel? Part 1

It means from the Greek, “A Good Message” literally or more to the point “Good News” referring to a message of good tidings such as...

What is the Gospel? Part 2

The Gospel simply put is “The Good News” of what Christ has done for you and me. This is the message and meaning of who and what Jesus is and has done.

What Grace Really Is

Grace basically means an undeserved act of kindness. This is one of the most enduring actions of love that could ever be conceived.


Faith Learns Trust and Reliance! Do not let your lack of willingness to grow in the faith rob you of His plan for you.


Today there are so many fast-flying and easy "helpful" solutions that are offered for the problems of life. Every day there seems to be a new formula that is feverishly campaigned as the “key to success", which translates to a happy life. This has affected the church, as we Christians have been caught up in this too.

To Serve God’s Purpose

To serve God’s purpose in our generation through loving relationships with God, His church, and His world. (Acts 13:36a; Mark 12:28-31; Luke 2:52)

What is Christian Maturity?

Maturity is realizing that our Lord can and will bring goodness and glory to any situation, as long as He is glorified. That is even through our weakness and failures, through our letdowns and discouragement’s, Christ is there loving us and encouraging us.

49 Commands of Christ

What are 49 Ways to Love God and Others? The theme of all Scripture is to love God with all of our hearts and to love one another. (See Matthew 22:40 and John 13:34.)

Practical Love

This is God's plan because God loves us. So we must follow through with the principles of Scripture being lived out in our lives. Out of love, out of nurture, out of care, and not out of rules regulations and hatred.


Oswald Chambers wrote, “You cannot help suffering; it is a true and needful training for the soul that dares to be true to God.” (My Utmost for His Highest)

Looking beyond Ourselves

Our desires must be focused on Him: Christ our Lord. We must feel the anticipation and the excitement to be with and in Him, so that we not only hear His Word; but we do His Word, the Word of God.

We are Called to Learn and Grow in Christ!

Putting on Christ

One main factor has to and must come into play for us to live the Christian life, as we should with obedience and love. We are to put on Christ and take off ourselves. This means we are to remove our selfish will and pride and mimic His character to the best of our abilities.

Be on Guard against Yourself!

All have sinned, no one is immune therefore we have no right to judge! Hear is the root cause of sin and their various manifestations to how we as Christians can get caught up in a heinous sin too: Being Judgmental.

A Primer for Faith

Using Our Faith To Live the Life To Which We Have Been Called!

Living Honorably!

This passage is about living honorably, even in the face of oppression and enticement.

Be Influencers

We can be influencers even if we are being influenced from the wrong areas and guidelines.

Building Confidence

God desires that we have confidence in Him. This is built when our discipleship is taking root in us. So we are growing in a close relationship to Christ, infused with the Holy Spirit, not merely seeking what we can get.

God is Involved!

God is involved, that He does indeed care, and that He is concerned and does intervene in history, thus we can trust Him.

We are all without Excuse

Sin and the wrath of God are to be taken seriously, especially by those who reject Him.

Put Ons and Put Offs

Here is a chart that lists two sets of Fruit and ways of living. One side represents Christ’s redemptive work that we comply to continue by being grateful, pursuing His Grace and applying His Fruit into our daily lives. The other side represents the corruption of sin, the old self that we are called to get rid of.

Bible Study to Know more about Discipleship and our Growth in Christ

Our Response to God

Romans 12: 1-2

Exhortation to the Renewal of the Mind

Romans 12: 1-2

Removing what Stops our Gifts

Romans 12: 3-13

Exercising your Gifts in the Body

Romans 12: 3-13

Loving your Enemies?

Romans 12: 14-21

Peace Makers

Romans 12: 14-21

Definition of Sins!

What is sin and what does it do?

What is sin and what does it do? Part 2

Romans 1:28-31

Being Judgmental

Romans 2:1-16

Being Judgmental Part 2

Romans 2:1-16

The Propitiationary Sacrifice

Romans 3:21-26


Romans 14: 13-23; 1 Peter 4: 12-19

Abraham's Justifying Faith

Romans 4:1-25

Christ our Lord is our Assurance

Romans 5:1-11

Induction into His Grace and Assurance

Romans 5:1-11

Our Heredity of Sin!

Romans: 5:12-21

We are Freed from Sin

Romans 6:15-23

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