Discipleship 601

Getting Started on your Journey of Spiritual Growth

This section covers more on Growing in Christ, Forgiveness, Spiritual Warfare, Prayer, Bible Reading…

How to Grow in the Faith

Our Response to Prayer!

How does the pursuit of prayer happen? The key is being continually devoted to Christ. Continue earnestly! This phrase in Colossians continues the theme to set our minds on things above, meaning to be in fullness with Christ. This attitude is what spurs on our commitment and our outreach.

The Power of Prayer

Real, authentic worship is to be inspired by who Christ is and what He is doing in us. It is not about form, function, or type; it is about hearts showing love to Him. Prayer and worship share the same heart and attitude...

Beware of the Barriers of Prayer

Have you ever wondered that if God gave you whatever you wanted, what bearing or what impact it would have on your life and faith? Would it be a hindrance? Perhaps we need to think through our dreams and wishes to their logical conclusion and impact from God’s perspective.

Our Growth in Devotions

The key to the success of finding and developing faith is simple; it is obedience. We must be ready to serve God rather than our needs, even before we know what the call may be, and take this mindset into life and to others.

What God desires us to be and to do

The Beatitudes Part 1

Christ is the Teacher, but He is not only a Teacher! If we see Him only as a teacher, we will become flustered by being totally unable to do as He instructs.

The Beatitudes Part 2

The picture of life is the church as we relate to the world, living and working in the power of the Spirit by what Christ has done.

Forgiveness Part X

The Biblical Steps in Forgiving

Forgiveness Part XI

If you are the Offender

Forgiveness Part XII

The Problem of Unforgiveness

What is Christianity all about?

Definition of Sins!

What is sin and what does it do?

What is sin and what does it do? Part 2

Romans 1:28-31

Being Judgmental

Romans 2:1-16

Being Judgmental Part 2

Romans 2:1-16

The Propitiationary Sacrifice

Romans 3:21-26


Romans 14: 13-23; 1 Peter 4: 12-19

Abraham's Justifying Faith

Romans 4:1-25

Christ our Lord is our Assurance

Romans 5:1-11

Induction into His Grace and Assurance

Romans 5:1-11

Our Heredity of Sin!

Romans: 5:12-21

We are Freed from Sin

Romans 6:15-23

The New Life by the Spirit of Sonship

Romans 8:1-17

The Hope we Have!

Romans 8: 18 - 30

All things work together for good

Romans 8: 18 – 30

Being Ready for the Battle

Spiritual Warfare Part I

Do you know what Spiritual Warfare is all about?

Spiritual Warfare Part II

Satan the Roaring Lion

Spiritual Warfare Part III

The Devil’s Lies!

Spiritual Warfare Part IV

We are already Triumphant in Christ!

Spiritual Warfare Part V

Have you ever been hammered by Satan and/or temptations?

Spiritual Warfare Part VI

How did Jesus respond to Satan and Spiritual Warfare?

Spiritual Warfare Part VII

Christians can stand against Satan by being in Christ.

Spiritual Warfare Part VIII

More Good News on Spiritual Warfare

More Studies are on the way….

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