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Relationships and Love for Singles!

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
Session V of Love and Relationships!

Session V of Love and Relationships!

When we have prepared ourselves to better know ourselves, and what God has to say to us, we can start to find and make relationships work. We can start to see life as a pleasurable and exciting adventure, not a gloomy journey to endure, hoping something better comes along one day. When we find people with whom we can bond, we can start to see His dwelling of love and contentment emerges in our lives. Yes, we will have ups and downs, but the main anchor in our lives will be our solid, growing relationship with Christ, and His transforming presence employing us to empower others.

Once we learn how to get ourselves on the right path, we will discover helpful tips and Biblical ideas on how to form, and build healthy, quality relationships. We can even learn how to find the love of a lifetime and be able to keep it. Where our relationships are centered upon Him, because our life and mindset has been aligned to His, His best is available to us. This happens because we have yielded to Christ as Lord of our lives all of the time, so we can see His path through the maze and receive His best. We also must realize that sometimes we make the wrong choices and get ourselves lost. However, if we are willing to seek His help, Christ will help us through it, and work our wrong choices for good.

Some stay put in that land of choices, because it is fun, it is a party, and they enjoy it. Others feel that if you do that, you will put yourself in dangers that may lead into bad relationships. So, what do we do? How do we proceed?

What we need is a Tour Guide, rooted in timeless Biblical values that are true and real for you. It is my endeavor to show you how God's Word is a sword--a machete--that will cut that path for you.

The key to navigating the maze is seeking the directions from God's most precious Word, the right way to proceed into that maze of developing friendships, to dating choices to building family and marriages. We will help prepare you to come through life not only with the right decision and the love of your life, but with the tools, character, and ability to make godly, Christ- centered relationships work, filled with God's blessings and purpose! Remember and take comfort in this even if you have done it all wrong, so to speak, God can, and will turn it around when your attention becomes focused upon Him and His precepts, from His Word.

Additional Questions for Singles:

Read: 1 Timothy 6:11; 2 Timothy 1:7; Hebrews 10:24

1. What qualities should we be looking for in our soul mate?

2. What should we avoid?

3. How do we find that love that will last a lifetime?

4. Is finding the right mate a matter of just being lucky, or, being in the right place at the right time?

5. Is it possible that someone else stole him, or her, from you?

6. Does God really care, and, does He have that special someone for you?

7. How do you find out?

Did you know that the current dating model most people use, from pre- teens to older adults, is ineffective at best and dangerous at worst? Our dating traditions result in a 50%+ divorce rate, which is the same in the church as it is in secular society (statistics are consistent from the United States Census Bureau, Barna Research and Focus on the Family). This means people who attend a religious institution, claiming to be a Christian, have the same divorce rate as people who do not go to a church, as people who hang out in bars, showing their contempt toward God. This translates that as Christians, we have a problem with building and maintaining relationships. And, the relationships that do tend to last have major problems too. Just ask any counseling Pastor or Christian marriage counselor and they will say that a significant amount of the marriages that stay together are mostly miserable and dysfunctional. Something is definitely wrong.
What should we do?
What do we need to consider and to avoid?

For this quest, let us venture into God's most precious Word, and examine the Scriptures carefully to find His Will. The Bible holds the truth for life today, including how and with whom you should be building a life. If you feel that the Bible is not the paradigm for your faith and practice, or for your standard for relationships, then you will find yourself disappointed and hurt in life. The perspective we are to have is a desire for what God wants, not what we want. Our focus is to be on Him, because He has the best plan for us! Our plans will only lead us to make the wrong decisions and miss out on the best opportunities and situations He has for us.

The first thing we have to realize is that God does care, and has a plan for you, even when you cannot see it. So, be willing to learn and develop your character. Study the Word, seek wisdom, be prudent, and lean on the strength of the Lord! These things do not come to you by chance; they come by knowing and following Christ (Proverbs 12:4; 28:20; 31:10)!

Consider this: Without the right attitude and perspective on life, without glorifying God, and following His Will, you will not find the real quality love relationship for your life! You will be taking a gamble with what is priceless and precious, that you get it right.

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