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Putting it all Together

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
Session VII of Love and Relationships!

Session VII of Love and Relationships!

Ask yourself, am I really mature enough to share myself with someone else for the long run? Do I spend too much time at work? Are there other things cluttering my time and attention that are wrong, or need to be cut back? Are there unresolved issues? Am I clear of my past? Is my attitude and relationship with Christ employing and empowering me, or is it my Will and determination? Are the first three attitudes permeating my life and infusing me with the Holy Spirit? If not, what is in the way?

Once we get ourselves properly lined up with God and His Will, a whole new world opens up. We will build the right character, maturity, and mindset. Then, His plan starts to become clear as we become more comfortable, and able to make the right choices in our relationships.

If you only seek what you can get, you will end up with despair! You will not be able to build quality relationships, or compliment each other because you are not seeking to bring yourselves into the relationship as much as you are seeking to take or get from it. What we bring must come out of a life filled with Christ. Whether you are in ministry professionally or not, we all have the same job-to know Christ, to grow in Christ, and get the word out about the Word. To help you further in this pursuit, seek people who will bring out the best in you, and be your partners and companions in the exciting adventurous journey of life. This is especially important when it comes to that special someone who will be your spouse. If you are married, make your spouse that special someone!

What we have been talking about may seem difficult, and even overwhelming, but take this to heart: God does not call you to do anything that He has not empowered and enabled you to do! The cross is the poof text of how far He will go for you.

Our God has rescued you from your sin through an event we can never fathom the depths of. We are not good enough on our own, but He makes us good enough! Our sins have built a chasm that totally cut us off from a relationship and salvation with Him. In our election in and acceptance of Jesus as Savior, by faith alone, making Him Lord over all, we freely obligated ourselves to die (get rid of) to our old nature (sin), and be totally reborn (recreated) in the new nature that He offers us. His living a sinless life in our place, and His death on the cross to pay our penalty of sin, not only purchased our redemption, but it also allowed us to identify with Him in an intimate way.

Thus, God Himself, from His immeasurable love, paid our dept and freed us from His wrath. So, we must ask ourselves, what now? What do I do? How will I live? Will I do as I see fit (God will let you), or, do I go it His way, the best way? Do we allow Christ's love to motivate and control us, or do we go it alone? If we really, truly believe in Him, with sincere trust and obedience, then, it will produce a result. We must allow that result of fruit (Galatians 5:22-25) be in us.

I firmly believe that the stimulate of life that becomes our prime directive, our model to follow, and what we are to show to others is the Love He has demonstrated for us. We are secured in eternity; our life here is a learning experience, molding us for our life to come. What we do here will echo throughout eternity, so, let us make the most of it! This motivates us to be much more than we can ever be on our own, by focusing on what is important. And what is it? Relationships! To live out our lives, centered upon His glory, so our lives ooze Christ-like character, and personal growth, striving for greater heights, good works, and personal growth, is what is important. So, our goodness by what He has done for us becomes intertwined with distinction for one another. It is not because we earn anything, but because we are flied with gratitude which translates into compassion, and friendship with others (2 Corinthians 5:14-15).

Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-15; 1 John 4:7-21 then discuss this section and answer these additional questions:

1. Do you feel that you are really mature enough to share yourself with someone else for the long run? Such as a spouse, if you are single? What about work relationships, family, etc.? (We are not to hide ourselves from others; rather, we have to work on ourselves first, before we can effectively engage others in a righteous manner.)
2. How do these passages relate to your life now? How can they be used to transform your life? (Spend some time in this question, and if you get stuck, ask these additional questions to the texts:
1. What does it say?
2. What does it mean?
3. How can I become a changed person from this?
4. How can this apply to my life?)
3. Do I spend too much time at work? Are there other things cluttering my time and attention that are wrong, or, need to be cut back?
4. What do you believe are the unresolved issues in your life you need to deal with?
5. Do you feel you have effectively learned from your past?
6. Is your attitude and relationship with Christ employing and empowering you, or, is it your Will and determination?
7. Are the three attitudes permeating your life and infusing you with the Holy Spirit? If not, what is in the way?
8. What can you do with the knowledge that all that we learn, and do on this earth will echo throughout eternity?
9. How can this mindset of eternity help you make the most of your life?
10. What will your life look like with these thee attitudes working and infusing all that you are and do in your life? What would your workplace look like? What about church, marriage, friends, family…..?
Pray as a group and individually at home about how what we talked about can make you a changed person, so you can apply these precepts to all of your relationships!
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