Why do we worry? Part II

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
The solution to worry is simple. Put Christ and His will first, everything else, secondary.

Why do we worry? Part II

The solution to worry is simple. Put Christ and His will first, everything else, secondary. When we have our hearts centered upon what is really important, our real purposes and plans begin to function correctly, as our perspectives are in line with God's. The secret to a life of contentment is having the right perspective of our place in the kingdom.

As a Christian, we have to have the perspective that all things in life, all that we have, see, and use, do not belong to us. It all belongs to God-period! We did not create them; we are merely the stewards entrusted to care for, develop, and use them wisely, all to His glory, and to progress with His call and His Kingdom upon our hearts and the world. When we think we have ownership, we are deluding ourselves, creating worry and needless stress. We then get ourselves off His plan and Will, because we seek possession and not His Kingdome!

  • The Christian is called to seek God and His Will, not our gratification, which will lead us nowhere. We do not need to bargain with God, or make promises that we know we cannot or will not keep. All we need to do is trust Him, and seek His Will, which is what is best for us.
  • God delights in meeting our needs! He is not a killjoy, seeking our suffering and sacrifice for His pleasure or entertainment (Matt. 6:8).
  • Worry is a lack of trust! It shows a pointless disregard to our Lord who cares and provides for us (Prov. 16:33)! The word worry means "distracted." Do not let stress about food and clothing distract you from the more important things in life (Martha vs. Mary in Luke 10: 38-42).
  • Stature from the Greek is a figure of speech meaning our lifespan, thus that is in God's control and not ours (Luke 12:25-26).
  • How can worry help you? When we have worry at our side, we will doubt the capability, goodness, care, love, and power of our God (Rom. 8:31-39). We cannot obtain the goals He has for us. We are not seeking Him or trusting in Him. Instead, worry has our attention. How can you counteract worry? As the previous passage in Matthew says, by laying up treasure in heaven (Matt. 19:21; Luke 12:33-34; 1 Tim. 6:17-19).
  • We have to know that the Christian life is not always safe. There are dangers, and we will have problems and setbacks. We have to be willing to risk it all for His glory, as our life is not here, but our work is! Worry countermands risk, and the fulfilling of our call.
  • We need to see God as the great Creator and Sustainer--as He is. As He created and sustains the universe, He can also sustain us!
  • Have faith in God's providence! If God, through His providence, provides for the needs of the birds, will He not do the same for you (Matt. 10:29-31)? How are you more valuable than birds and flowers?
  • How can you prevent worry? By knowing that: We are created in the image of God! We are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb--His Son! Worrying about things does nothing to help provide for you! In fact, it will take you further away from help and solutions, as your energies will be so wrapped up in worry, you will accomplish nothing toward providing for yourself!
  • God has the ability and willingness to provide! Is He not able and willing to do so for you? If we take to heart what Jesus says, then our lives will be like the house built upon a rock (Matt. 7:24-25).

Seek first the Kingdom of God refers to our quintessential quest in life, seeking Christ as Savior and Lord. By Lord, we mean He is ruling our hearts, minds, and actions, including our motivations and desires. So, we seek what is best, as He has our best at hand. When we just look to ourselves, we miss His golden opportunities and goodness. To seek God's Will is our highest priority outside of our salvation. The Will of God is not just a task, or an ends to find, nor is it just a set of goals; rather, it is a hunt, and a journey. The action of seeking Him and His plan is His Will! This is the hunt and the journey that produces the principles that grow and mold us in faith and maturity (1 Pet. 5). It never ends; it is always continuing until we are called home (See our channel on God's Will).


  1. What would your life be like if super markets and fast food restaurants suddenly disappeared (Keep in mind most people in the world have no access to them!)?
  1. If the solution is so simple to our worries (seek Him first), why is it so hard for us to do it?
  1. Jesus tells us that pursuing material things will cause us to worry, and worry will take the place of all else in our life. How have you seen this true in your life?
  1. How do possessions divide our minds so that they control our direction in life? What can you do to prevent this from happening?
  1. How have you seen possessions control people and capture their attention, heart, and identify? Have you observed any difference among Christians?
  1. If God is caring for His minor creatures, "How much more" is He caring for you?
  1. What can you do in order to realize and understand that God is in control?
  1. We do not need to bargain with God or make promises that we know we cannot or will not keep. All we need to do is trust Him, and seek what is best for us. That is His Will. So, why do people, including Christians, try to bargain with God? What are they trying to accomplish?
  1. How can you make the number one priority in your life the seeking of His kingdom? Write out a plan to accomplish this!
  1. Seeking God's Will is our highest priority, outside of our salvation. Yet, so few Christians spend the time to do this! What can you do to create a mindset for yourself and your church that the Will of God is not just a task, an end to find, or just a set of goals; rather, it is a hunt and a journey? How would this help in your church's faith development and response to Christ's call?
  1. How can we counteract worry? How can you prevent worry?
  1. We are not capable of handling tomorrow's worries, because we have no control over the future. Worrying about the future will only distract us from our duties in the present. How can this idea help you trust God?

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