Why should we study the Bible?

Why should we study the Bible?

He must become greater; I must become less (John 3:30)

Do you realize that if you are a Christian, and have read the entire Bible, you are in the minority? Does this scare you? Well, it should! If you study the Bible yourself, you are in an even greater minority that even most pastors do not fall into! Yet, all of them would have an opinion of the Bible, teach, and make decisions based on their understanding of the Bible. If you were not scared before, you should be now! Do you realize that most seminaries are turning out pastors who are Biblically illiterate? They may, at best, have taken just a couple of classes in Bible—if any at all. I took all of the Bible courses that were offered when I was in seminary, but I felt poorly prepared. Fortunately, I undertook the study of His Word myself. I was fortunate to go to a good seminary—Fuller, in Pasadena—that gave me a good foundation and the tools to be a good exegete (how to study the Bible), but they did not teach me all that was in it. It was up to me to take the tools that I had learned and apply them so I could be a good exegete. But, many pastors are going into their pulpits ignorant, either not knowing the tools or how to use those tools.


This is why a lot of pastors are not leading Bible studies in our churches, and why so few churches even have a Bible study. In one church I served, there was only one adult Bible study, and an ex-missionary led it. Everyone else felt they were too old and/or busy to lead one. A godly woman, who was 100 years old at the time, led the one and only Bible study at that church! She was a true saint and committed to Christ as Lord; the rest of the church simply did not get it! It is sad that a lot of pastors feel that they are not able to lead Bible studies, and even discourage others from doing so, lest they may be “shown up!” Now, you should be terrified!


I recently was on a committee to examine seminary grads seeking ordination Preparation for Ordination exam. I saw s

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