ATTITUDE The prelude to effective study and LIFE!

"ATTITUDE" The prelude to effective study and LIFE!

By Richard Krejcir

Do you call yourself an expert on receivership?  You probably say no way!  But do you live your life that way.  That is having a "me first" identity, always placing the emphases on the "I" and "Me".  If only I... If it could go this way for me...Then I could....

So that the ownership of you life is completely self focused and centered.  The ownership of your life is yours and yours alone!  But Christ call us to Him, and out of ourselves.  Our ownership has been transferred, our pink slip has been signed over from ourselves to Christ, IF you claim Christ as your Lord.  What effect are you having to those around you? When we relinquish our selves to Christ, then the proper attitude of life will take over.  The vision of our life and the result of what we have will be based on a positive outlook.  A positive attitude that is based solely on what Christ has done for us .  So regardless of our external circumstances we are to be totally focused on our Lord.  We then are to allow our attitudes to be Christ centered.  We could allow our circumstances to take the lead or Christ to take the lead, the choice is given to us.

If we are receivership oriented and not Christ centered, then all of those circumstances will be squeezed, and bitterness and resentment will flow out of them.  Or we can be Christ centered and oils of sweetness will pour out.  What pours out from you?  The love and care that is modeled to those around us or the bitterness and hostility will not be squeezed from our circumstances, but from our attitude that results from those circumstances.  The way Christ is exhibited in you will be from your focus and attitude and not your circumstances.  Your direction in life, your joy and happiness, your cares and concerns, our willingness to reach beyond yourself will grow from your attitude and maturity, all stemming from who you are in Christ! 

Then the circumstance will change once we realize our error and the receivership mentality dies, and the Christ centered life is birthed.

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