Romans: Background Material     

Date of writing 57-58AD 


            Romans is more of a treatise than a letter, as it is Paul's greatest work. Not only is this our theology defined, but it is one of the greatest, if not the greatest piece of literature ever conceived! Unpacking Romans is like removing the cover of an old box spring mattress that all the springs will jump up at you!

            The Gospel is good news! It is the promise of fulfillment from the Old Testament and centered upon what Christ did on our behalf. That all of humanity is guilty before God and in danger of His judgment. Christ came to earth as a man (Jew), lived a perfect life on our behalf and died in God's wrath and punishment, which He did not deserve, on our behalf (which we do deserve). Then He arose again to purchase our salvation, "the power of God to salvation" (vs 16).  He made us righteous before God, thus we need not fear God's judgment when we have faith in our Lord.

            Paul was a chief persecutor of Christians, and then was converted directly by the risen Christ and was gripped by the Gospel, thus his whole life was surrendered and controlled by the gospel. After we have been "saved" we have peace with God, and gratitude for what He did. So our focus is to please Him and not ourselves. The question is, has the gospel gripped you?

            Do you ever feel unprepared to give a logical presentation of the gospel to a friend or neighbor, or not quite sure about it yourself? Then look no further than Romans for a clear organized presentation of the Gospel!                                 


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