By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
Christianity is Community! It is to be a personal team endeavor; it is never just a solo sport or individual activity or merely about solitary or personal agendas.

Even rats run in packs!

The main point: Christianity is Community! It is to be a personal team endeavor; it is never just a solo sport or individual activity or merely about solitary or personal agendas. There are times when we need to be alone, especially in our devotions and study. However, the bulk of the Christian walk is to be accomplished in a shared communal experience. Personal time may build our faith but community time will build our character and relationships. In addition, what we do with His Word and Fruit working in and through us will be impacting upon others which will resound for eternity. Community is not just the charge of the gifts and resources of the pastor, leader, or elders, or the volunteers, but everyone as a team functioning for Christ's glory. It is this understanding of what is a true Christian centered community that will facilitate our mutual growth, maturity and we will be a positive and productive church environment.

If not, the church will be a collection of loose cannons on deck, that all move to their own accord without unity or purpose. Resulting in holes being blown into our church hull, causing the community to sink and drown. So the point is this: The church is where we all need to participate and encourage "one another" together in worship, learning, fellowship, care and outreach. As the church is the community of believers, not the building or the denomination. So if the community is at McDonald's, the church is at McDonald's. This cannot be accomplished by just a pastor or strong willed leader or a vision. A true Christian community is a venture led by God's precepts, practiced in humility. This is where the character and Fruit of the Person, Centrality and Supremacy of Christ is growing godly centered leaders. Then these leaders are walking the path first, as led by Him, all working together for His glory.

A summary theology of Christian community
I. Community is clearly stated in the Deity
  • God is one. Deut. 6: 4; Gal. 3:20 yet three. Matt. 3:16ff. 28:19; 2 Cor.13: 14; 1 Pet.1: 2
  • The nature of reality is love in an eternal relationship as real Love seeks to love and be loved!

II. Community in Humanity

  • Essential for fulfillment of our civilization and growth as individuals and as a communal collective. Gen. 1: 27; 2:18

III. Community in Incarnation

  • Jesus was born into the human family. Luke 2:4.22.40
  • Jesus called 12 Disciples who are also His companions. Mark 3:14

IV. Community in Christ

  • We are in the family of God. John 1:12; Matt. 12: 46-50; 1 John 3:1
  • We are members of Christ's Body. Rom.12: 5; Eph. 4:15-16
  • The church is more than an organization of like-minded people; more than an ecclesiastical organization; more than a religious fellowship or saintly taskforce. It is a spiritual growing organism in Christ; we are the family of God!

V. SO IF? If God Himself is a perfect unity and harmony of Persons

  • If human nature works best and is fulfilled in close-knit unity and love.
  • If the church is Christ's Body maturing in mutual self-giving serving in mutual support of its members.

THEN we are to follow Him in example with Love and Fruit!

  • And we will see the full potential of maturity, growth, evangelism, outreach, and prayer.
  • Because the church is realized and accomplished in community, as our Lord concentrated and demonstrated. Matt. 18:19-20; Acts 1:14.4:24
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