Discipleship Curriculum

How Obedient are you? Obedience is an aspect of our faith that comes from our submission, surrender and compliance to His will.
Are you being Obedient? Obedience is submitting to what God requires of us.
It is useless to call ourselves Christians unless we practice what He has taught us, which we are to believe and also teach.
Peter then shifts his focus to his coming departure from this life. He conveys to us that life is short and we must take the initiative to do what we can here and now with what Christ has given to us.
The main theme of Peter's message is stated here, to pay attention to Christ, not to falsehoods.
We are called to know Christ better and to practice moral excellence.
The authentic knowledge of Christ that is revealed to us is the foundation of our faith.
Christ has given to us all we need in order to grow. We have His Spirit, His Word, His Fruit, and our faith community.
Peter sends his greetings and blessings with solemn humbleness and intimacy to the people in the faith.
This passage gives us comfort in suffering because Christ Himself suffered.
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